11 Ekim 2009

Evden çalışanlar için 10 faydalı Proje Yönetimi Aracı


This online project management system that allows you to stay up-to-date on task and connect with your team. It provides with a huge list of features including messages, to-do lists, reminders, file management, iCal support etc. It enables you to add unlimited clients and users to each project. You can also create documents using its Spot2Jot feature and then share it with all your connections.


Another useful tool for online task management for individuals and teams. It allows you to track and manage work in familiar smartsheet and calendar views. You can also upload files, track discussions, and share online with co-workers, clients, contractors, vendors etc. Using smartsheet you can set reminders and receive notifications when things change, generate filtered reports across all the work you manage and instantly find anything you’re tracking using search.

No Kahuna

This simple project management and issue-tracking platform is ideal for small medium businesses. It is an easy-to-use tool for basic project management and ticket tracking that allows you to set up your project(s), refine/distribute tasks and track them until completion. Its features include task and activity tracking and collaboration tools.


Another project management and collaboration tool that lets you set up a collaboration area right on your website. It provides a platform for planning, progress tracking and communication with your team and clients until projects are done. Its excellent features include printing and exporting, time tracking, calendar and schedule functionality, ticket management and milestones.

Zoho Projects

This feature rich project management tool allows you to keep your projects organized with milestones, set dependencies for tasks, assign ownership and set priorities. It also provides project and time tracking features to monitors tasks and log time spent on the project. You can store your files and documents in one place, tag your files, keep track of the changes with the version history.


This is a unique source code management tool specially created for web development teams. It allows you to code in parallel and share code changes with teammates, back-up the previous version and give instant previews. You can also deploy your web projects automatically after committing new changes or on request. Using basecamp integration you can import projects and keep everyone informed about development progress of others.


This online project management tool helps you in managing your projects, teams and clients instantly. It also allows you to collaborate with clients while sharing ideas, information, notes, files and more. With TeamworkPM you can also create task lists, schedule milestones, add messages, track time, upload files, manage people/clients, and get email integration providing you with up-to-the-minute reports, alerts and reminders.


It is an intuitive web based project management tool that lets you manage tasks and projects all at one place. It works as a central location for project and task management, team collaboration, time tracking, reporting and more. You can share notes and files with clients and generate various reports, print them out or export to CSV (a popular format supported by many applications, including Excel).


This project management tool allows you to manage multiple projects at once. You can easily track project progress through task management, calendaring, note sharing and issue tracking. It also allows you to connect with clients and team members using its chat feature. Use RSS feeds and sync the Goplan calendar to your iCal, Outlook or phone to stay on top of dates and tasks.


Another useful project management tool to assign tasks, set deadlines, get updates, arrange meetings, view your calendar, track work hours etc. It lets you work with your team, communicate with clients, send messages, share files, organize workgroups, and more. Additional features include time tracker, messages, Gantt chart, discussion board, and project templates.

You can also experience LimeExchange’s project management tools like issue tracker and project kickoff checklist to carry out your project successfully on LimeExchange. We welcome your feedback and suggestion as always.

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